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About Pablo

If you are looking for a professional, reliable and honest Realtor to help you sell your home or purchase your next property; look no further. I am passionate about real estate, whether it is used as an investment tool, a business, or as a personal residence. I truly believe in its power to make dreams come true.


​I am originally Peruvian/Mexican. I immigrated to Canada in the year 2001. I started my career as a Real Estate Investor in 2006 and as a Realtor in 2012. I have been helping people with their real estate dreams ever since.


I am grateful for the successes I’ve had in my real estate career. Over the last years I’ve build a real estate portfolio that allows me to provide for me and my family a comfortable life. Through this process I have gained invaluable experience and resources, all of which, are now at your service.


I am really excited about the opportunity to help you reach your objectives and family dreams through real estate. Give me a call and let’s get started!


Mobile: 604-345-8057


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